Housing for Agents is that one big project I handled at my stint with Housing.com.

I was responsible for coordinating with the Product Managers to discuss and define the user and business requirements. Since we worked in an Agile environment, I also helped in design sprint planning. I created wireframes, prototypes and assets for every feature and contributed to visual design as well. I was also actively involved in the user research activities conducted for this product.


User Journeys

After defining user stories and planning iterations, we used Mingle for product development. For every story on mingle, wherever there is a design dependency, I created sketches or wireframes, got them approved from all the stakeholders and coordinated with our visual designer to get the final VDs out. I worked closely with the dev team and ensured that the final output matches the designs.

I repeated this process for all the major features. The following are some screenshots and prototypes of the work I have done.

Prototype of a Lead cycle

Interactive Onboarding Prototype

User Journey Maps

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