Hi! I’m Raviteja Govindaraju

User Experience Designer
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About Me

A self-taught and passionate UI / UX designer focussed on understanding users, their online and offline behavior and designing effective solutions to meet user goals and business goals. Keen learner with an eye for detail. Loves Tea, Bike and Android. Offline Introvert and Online Extrovert.

Skills & abilities

User flows
Visual Design
Front End Development

Jobs & Education

Dec 2014 - Nov 2015 Housing.com Sr. UI / UX Designer
Jun 2013 - Dec 2014 HatchForce UI / UX Designer
Feb 2011 - Apr 2013 Desto Creative Solutions Designer Co-Founder
2011 - present Independent UX Consultant That is just a fancy name I gave to freelancer. I am always open to build kickass stuff.
2008 - 2012 B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering IIT Madras
CGPA of 8.2 out of 10
2006 - 2008 Class XII Narayana Jr College
Scored 981 out of 1000 and stood State 6th

Extra Curriculars

Secured 93.5% in a certified online course on Human Computer Interaction offered by University of California, San Diego on Coursera
Attended certified workshop on Mobile User Experience by Human Factors International
Design Core, Shaastra 2010, the technical festival of IIT Madras
Speaker for Tech Talks, Hyderabad conducted by SourceNXT on the topic "Designing better interfaces"
Limelight speaker at 12th Designers meet by Adobe Photoshop User Group, Chennai
Workshop Instructor at Camp K-12 in The International School Bangalore for Computer Animation and Video Editing.
Designed and sold Hyderabadi merchandise under the brand name Folktales which got featured on 6 prominent newspapers
Fellow, Startup Leadership Program, Hyderabad chapter for the year 2013-14

3+ years of experience

This is what people I worked with are saying...
Ravi has this ability to break down the big problems into smaller chunks and suggest an extremely simple and elegant solutions to resolve them. Working with Ravi has been a pure delight.
Akanksha Housing.com
Ravi is most certainly one of the smartest guys I have worked with. He has the knack to beautifully simplify and come up with an out of the box solution to the most complex problems. Design discussions with him are absolutely delightful and fun and there is so much one can learn!
Manasi Housing.com
Ravi is crystal clear about what priorities to follow while designing. If there are any ideas, he is the guy you should go to discuss them with, and you will get a logical and unbiased opinion about your correctness.
Shrey Housing.com
Professional, Honest and Perfectionist. Ravi's love for design is just infectious.
Monish Frenchbob.com
At any given task, Ravi outperforms anyone's normal expectations. He is super meticulous and detail oriented. I had an experience where our team performance increased by a % after Ravi joined the team!
Praneeth Hatchforce
A passionate problem solver and his great visual and interaction design skills are just an icing on top of it. While we worked together at Desto, he did a great job at identifying business models to create value through design. Looking forward to working with him again!
Sandeep Desto

UX breakdown of Customer Reviews

While ratings are a short indication of how good or bad a product is, reviews are more detailed feedback of the product. They should ideally help you take informed decisions whether to buy a product or not; but are they?

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10 Things I want Google Now to do for me

Google Now, You are undoubtedly one of the best products I have experienced till date. You are free, smart, intelligent, lovely and you act like a friend in need. But you can do more. You can be the BEST friend in need. How?

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An app that writes your autobiography

A typical smartphone today can read and detect a lot of data about the person using it. I was wondering what if there was an app — an AI sitting inside your phone, documenting every minute of your life!

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Insights from customer ratings

I did a small research on a weekend on customer ratings on 3 popular ecommerce websites of India: Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal. I wanted to record the ratings and see if I can deduce any interesting patterns.

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